Michelle DeCourcy (vocals/guitar)


Jolie Clausen (drums/vocals)


Kerry Movassagh (guitar/vocals)


Mick Ramsdell (bass/vocals)

Portland, Oregon based Michelle DeCourcy and the Rocktarts are living proof that honesty, passion and ambition prevail in Rock & Roll. Formed in 2013 as an alternative-rock cover band, the members quickly decided that composing and playing original music was more their passion.  Putting pen to paper and being seduced by a certain sound, Michelle DeCourcy and the Rocktarts aligned their unwavering dedication and talent to their newly formed band. Armed with a do-it-yourself work ethic and deep love of the music, each member contributes to the band’s signature sound.  The Rocktarts first album was released in the Fall of 2015. The band is currently working on their second studio album with plans to hit the studio in fall of 2018.  

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